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Ten Things Not To Miss Doing When At The Dead Sea

It is difficult to accumulating a rundown of things to see and do in the Dead Sea region. However, we have done our best to give you without a doubt the must-see things to attempt. They are useful for each financial plan and each sort of traveler, regardless of whether you are a blaze packer or out with your children and family.

The Dead Sea is a genuinely stunning spot to visit without a doubt one of Israel’s must-sees, and practically the majority of the things on the rundown beneath should be possible autonomously if that is the thing you are pursuing. In case you are after someone to help control you through a portion of the genuine marvels at the lowest place on earth, you can book one of the many day tours to the Dead Sea offered by reputed tour organizers. Being with such tour operators, you will not have any botheration regarding the tour in any aspect.

Marvel at the beauty of Masada Sunrise

Masada sunrise

There is nothing very like the wow factor of seeing the sun ascend over the Jordanian mountains and the Dead Sea, while roosted on the magnificent mountaintop of the peak post of Masada. It may be an early start in case you are originating from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem; you are taking a gander at taking off at 4 am, however that absence of a decent night’s rest will before long be overlooked when you see the sun look over the peaks in Jordan.

Masada is effectively reachable from both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv via vehicle, and will presumably take you between 60-120 minutes. There is no accessible transportation that promptly in the first part of the day, so we would prescribe taking an affordable Dead Sea tour in Jordan on the off chance that you do not have your vehicle. Another incredible alternative to consider is the Roman Rampart access to Masada, which is accessible from the town of Arad; this passage to Masada is a lot shorter trek, and a lot simpler for children and those less portable. From Arad, this passageway is a genuinely quick 20-minute drive, so indeed, a superior choice if you are extravagant somewhat of a lie-in!

You can generally visit Masada amid the day; however, we would exceptionally suggest a dawn visit for a definitive Masada experience.

Float and not swim in the Dead Sea

swim in Dead Sea

You have seen it in the promotions about Israel, and you have most likely conceived yourself floating ceaselessly while perusing the paper – however, gliding in the Dead Sea is one of those must-dos when visiting Israel. It does not make a difference in how touristy it feels this is a marvelous encounter for some! What’s more, it is one of the beneficial things you can do on a visit to the Dead Sea. You can sprinkle on a portion of that well-known Dead Sea mud on your skin and feel the nutrients and minerals seep through each pore!

With the Dead Sea confronting a touch of an ecological emergency now, alternatives to really, float in the Dead Sea are winding up increasingly restricted. The first FREE alternative is at the vacationer strip at Ein Bokek. You can likewise take a tour plan that will incorporate a float in the Dead Sea.

Explore on a Judean Desert Jeep Tour

Judean Desert Jeep Tour

Overall, in case you are after a totally one of a kind encounter, what about a stunning jeep tour through the Judean desert? This is an incredible little jeep visit, and is of really colossal esteem, as you’re getting an entire day trip at the cost of a standard 2-3 hour visit! This visit may very well pass your socks over, and is one of the absolute best approaches to truly, explore the zone sitting above the Dead Sea and the large scenes of the desert that encompasses the region!

Explore the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

As we would like to think, a standout amongst the most staggering nature holds in Israel must be the one at Ein Gedi. With the shoreline at Ein Gedi no longer available because of the progressing issues with sink-gaps, a standout amongst the best places to chill in the Dead Sea area is this astonishing park. With various concealed cascades as a component of two primary trails namely the Nahal David, the more straightforward trail, and Nahal Arugot, an all the more testing trail, and a lot of rich green landscape – in addition to a setting of the lofty Judean mountains – this is one not to miss.

Try to visit the hot springs of the Dead Sea

On the off chance that you need an off-the-beaten-track understanding, at that point what about stargazing into the sky-filled stars over the usually hot waters of the Dead Sea springs. This is most likely appropriate for those of you resting in the zone. It is an extraordinary night out – it gives you a chance to appreciate the miracles of a star-filled sky while sipping the bottle of local beer!

Not to forget salt caving

salt caving

With such a significant amount of salt in the area, you most likely will not be astonished to hear that there are many salt caverns to explore. What you most likely will not be prepared for is an exceptional encounter that truly will remain with you. Salt craving is for the more courageous of you and not for the individuals, who battle in little, kept spaces. In any case, to guarantee you have the most secure experience – remember that some salt caverns have collapsed – we suggest taking a salt caving visit with local specialists.

Segway tour at the Dead Sea

Segway tour at Dead Sea

Another of-a-kind encounter can be delighted in at the genuinely new footpath on the Dead Sea promenade – take a Segway tour! This unusual method of transport is likewise accessible at the lowest spot on Earth, and what with the staggering Dead Sea views, and the lowest promenade on Earth, take you on a floating, riding knowledge to recall!

The visit happens by the fundamental lodging strip at Ein Bokek, so is ideal for those of you remaining there. Furthermore, do not stress in case you do not know how to ride a Segway, a guide will put you through some preparation before you hit that footpath!

Hiking and Canyoning in the Dead Sea

Hiking and Canyoning in the Dead Sea

With some stunning scenes to investigate, there are some genuinely astounding hikes in the area. Spots like Mount Sodom are incredible Biblical destinations that would now be able exploration, just as climbs to concealed jewels like Birkhat Tzifara and the Qumran Canyon. In case you are a prepared climber you might be OK. However, we’d exceptionally prefer a specialist guide to help you on your course – you truly would prefer not to become mixed up amidst a desert climb.

The Dead Sea is not the only place that will amaze you when you are in Jordan. Reputed travel organizations organize the Dead Sea & Jerash & Amman City Tour. They meticulously design the tours according to your desire and financial plans. Such tours will help you to know Jordan within the level of comfort that you desire to have.

Explore Qumran Caves

Qumran Caves

You probably will not understand it. However, the Qumran Caves in the northern area of the Dead Sea are a standout amongst the most noteworthy as far as later archeological finds. It is where the 700 sacred writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls, were found which contained a proof of discourses by Jesus and old Jewish supplications, among others, and which additionally, confirmed the establishments of Judeo-Christianity. The park facilitating these stunning caverns – found by a lost Bedouin shepherd kid in 1946 – is open consistently.

In any case, as we would see it, for a definitive Qumran experience you genuinely need to jump on your knees and slither through old water channels and climb through the gully that is a piece of Qumran.

Meeting the Bedouins

Last – however assuredly not least – on our rundown of the best activities in the Dead Sea area is meeting the genuine local occupants of the place, the Bedouins. A standout amongst the ideal methods for getting to honestly realize a nation is to meet local people and meeting these desert wanderers is a genuinely remarkable encounter, as you had the opportunity to see their perspectives and lifestyle, a lot of which has stayed unaltered more than many years. For a few, this unfiltered experience can be somewhat of a culture stun, yet for other people, a genuine revelation.

If you wish to have best of Dead Sea Madaba tours or any other tour in Jordan and know the real ethos of the nation, it is ideal to contact us at Go Jordan Travel and Tourism. Our years of experience and the desire to provide the best of experience to visitors make us the best tour operator you can rely on. Call us dialing +962-795-582783 to talk to our travel advisors.

Planning the Biblical Tours in Jordan

Whether you take the Bible as truth or not, there’s no denying the impact the Holy Book has had on our world as it continues to shape and influence most of the world today. More often overshadowed by Israel that comprises of the most important biblical sites, most of the places that inspired the stories of the Bible are found in the current Jordan.

For over 2,000 years, many of these places have been the place of pilgrimage for the curious and devout. Many of the Biblical sightings are located within the driving distance of Amman, making them right day trip options during your vacation in the city. Here are a few sites you can include in your Jordan Biblical tour package:

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is an unassuming hill situated just 32 km (20 miles) southwest of Amman. It’s supposed the site where Moses died. Currently, this site offers the same view that God permitted Moses in the Biblical story. The stark mountaintop offers unobtrusive views into Israel and the Palestinian territories.

On a clear day, you can see Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem, and other legendary sites. In addition to the spectacular views, the mountaintop stands out as the home to a group of monks who the site and church that dates back to the fourth century. When you go inside the church, you’ll find the remains of Jordan’s most well-preserved floor mosaics from the time period.

Additionally, exotic animal species decorate the floor with the battle scenes of warriors. The brightness of the tile’s colors is quite impressive and only look a few decades old instead of their 1,700-year long history.

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

Bethany Beyond the Jordan is agreed on site of Jesus baptism. It’s believed that John the Baptist submerged Jesus into the waters of the Jordan River. The Baptismal site itself is extremely overwhelming, but there’s no denying the significance of the site itself.

The steps date back to the fourth century lead down to the once-gushing spring where it’s believed the Baptism took place. Now a small pool of water is all that remains to mark this spot. If you plan to make the best of Biblical tours in Jordan, consider buying tickets ahead of time on your Jordan pass before entering the country. Buying them as a part of the Pass will save you around an additional 4 Dinars per ticket.



Machaerus is so far one of the best places to take Biblical tours in Jordan. The lone gumdrop-shaped hill, framed with the Dead Sea from behind is the place where the remains of Herod the Great Castle lie. It’s located somewhere on this hilltop, amongst many caves that dot the hillside that John the Baptist is believed to have lost his head.

While not the most of ruins remain after being destroyed b invading Romans and earthquakes, there are few places in Jordan that boast such splendid scenery. The climb around the hill and the mountaintop offer 360-degree views of the entire area. The most appealing views are seen in the west where the hills roll down to the Dead Sea some 1,100 meters below. If you’re up for a little hike, the path seen winding over the hilltops below Machaerus offers spectacular views of the Dead Sea.

On most of the days, this site only sees a handful number of visitors meaning it will be most likely you and the whispering winds up on the top of the mountain. During your visit there, you will make the best of Biblical tours in Jordan.

Umm Qais

Umm Qais

The main reason behind your visit to Umm Qais is the black stoned ruins that are left by the Ottomans and Romans. This sighting is famous for the fact that it’s one of two sites competing for recognition as the place where Jesus cased out demons into pigs. Today this site offers impressive views of Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Syria. The ruins seen here while not as impressive as Jerash, are well worth a visit in their own term.


Madaba Jordan

While not a Biblical Site itself, Madaba is the home to the world’s oldest known map of the Holy Land, offering spectacular insights about the region. Dating back to 560 years, the mosaic floor depicting the Holy Land is currently protected under a roof more modern 18th-century old church.

The tiles available here are vibrant in color and are well preserved miraculously. You can take a picture of outside map as there are no signs inside and the mosaic inscriptions are available in Greek. Madaba is the home to one of the largest Christian communities in Jordan with around one-third of the town’s population that belongs to the Christian faith. The churches and mosques stand side by side in this town which acts as a modern symbol of religious tolerance and coexistence.

Bottom Line –

Most of the Jordan Biblical tour sightings, listed above are small in comparison to what Jordan as a whole has to offer. After enjoying these sightings, you will find the Biblical tour a pretty surreal experience that you will treasure forever.

To book the best of Biblical tours in Jordan, please contact Go Jordan Tours today. Feel free to stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp media networks! Don’t hesitate to share your take on Biblical tour package in the comment section below!

Unveiling the Hidden Mysteries and Gems of Petra with Our Exclusive Petra Tours

One of the new Seven Wonders of the World, Petra represents the historical and archaeological magnificence of Jordan and hence is one of the most visited tourist attractions there. Petra is also known as the Rose City due to the color of the stone out of which it has been carved. It is also known as the Lost City because the city remained unknown to the Western world till 1812! Isn’t that an exciting fact regarding Petra? Many such astonishing facts of this beautiful city will make you fall in love with it! Even UNESCO described this city as “one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage.” So let us find out some of the most interesting facts about Petra below:

Petra Tours

• It is believed that Petra has been established in 312 and was the capital city of the Nabataeans. Nabataeans were ancient South Arabian people who arrived at Jordan in the 6th century BC.

• According to the archaeologists, only 15 percent of Petra has been explored until now, and there is plenty to be unveiled.

• There is plenty of remarkable architecture in Petra among which the Treasury (Al Khazneh) is the most famous and estimated to be more than 2,000 years.

• The Bedouin of the Arabian Desert has destroyed some of the most priceless carvings on the walls of the Treasury as they used the carvings as their target for shooting practice.

• Most of the structures of the Petra Archaeological Site have been weakened by the salt that is blown from the Dead Sea.

• Petra is home to more than 800 carved tombs, therefore referred to as “The Royal Tombs”.

• The bust of Dushara, the primary male deity of Petra which is a 2,100-pound sandstone structure counted among the most popular monuments.

• Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer, discovered Petra in 1812 which was an unknown metropolitan for about five centuries, hence often referred to as the Lost City.

• Movies like The Mummy Returns (2001), Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (1997) were filmed at Petra. And these movies amplified the tourism of Petra to a great extent.

• Petra was inhabited by three different periods, i.e., the Edomites (18th to 2nd century BC), the Nabataeans (2nd century to 106 BC) and the Romans (106 to 395 BC). But most of the remnants found today in Petra are of the Nabataeans.

These are just a few facts about Petra, and there is so much more than make Petra tours one of the most exciting experiences. We at Go Jordan Travel and Tourism are committed to providing you with the best experiences in Petra. Therefore, we have designed exclusive Petra tours from Amman that include almost every part of Petra to be explored. Also, if you wish to explore the Dead Sea in a more detailed manner, then we can also provide you with customized Petra and Dead Sea tours from Amman!

Petra tours from Amman


So what are you waiting for? Let’s unveil the hidden mysteries and gems of Petra together! For more details regarding our Petra tours contact us today at +962-795-582783 or write to us at

The Day Tours from Dead Sea to Have a Fascinating Vacation

At the point when life gives you lemons, you get tequila and salt. Nevertheless, when life gives you extreme salt mixed with some glorious blue waters, you drift on it, and be cheerful while holding malt! That is the way the mysterious nature excites you with its amazing shades and sensational manifestations and the Dead Sea in Jordan is the ideal model. When you are staying at Dead Sea enjoying such amazing nature would you not like to explore the rest of Israel? If you have such a wish then the day tours from Dead Sea that we at Go Jordan Tours and Tourism organize give you the ideal opportunities.

The tours that we organize

There are various places near Dead Sea where we can take you during our day tours from Dead Sea. These tours will give you many opportunities to explore such places having the best of comfort and affordability.

Dead Sea and Petra: This is one of our day tours from Dead Sea. Your English-talking driver will collect you from your lodging in Dead Sea early morning and exchange you via comfortable vehicle along the Desert Highway for approx. 3 hours to the city of Petra. With your English-talking guide, you will have the bliss of investigating the mile-long Siq to reach the city of Petra. En route, pass the remaining parts of Nabataean sanctums, tombs, water channels, divider carvings and a portion of the first clearing stones. You will have the capacity to see the superb Treasury as you leave the Siq, investigate the Street of Facades, the Roman Theater, Royal Tombs, Colonnaded Street, Byzantine Church, Winged Lion’s Temple, Qasr al Bint, and the Petra Museum at which time your guided visit.

Dead sea & Jerash & Amman City Tour: Amid this day tours from Dead Sea you will be taken to Jerash, the best-safeguarded Greco-Roman provincial city on the planet. A local guide will lead you into the city through Hadrian’s Arch. Visit the hippodrome, equipped for holding 15,000 onlookers. Proceed through the city visiting Roman holy places and theaters, the Greek sanctuary of Artemis with its 12m high segments, the Forum, commercial center, Nymphaeum and colonnaded lanes.

As we at Go Jordan Tours and Tourism use only quality transport services, professional licensed guides and accommodation of a high standard during our day tours from Dead Sea you can expect to have best of comfort and revelation of the places. Our tours are appropriate for individuals, the couples, family or little groups, and can be modified for bigger groups.

The reasons for having adventure tours in Jordan

A place of refuge in a district of contention, Jordan has charmed guests for a considerable length of time with its World Heritage locales, neighborly towns and motivating desert scenes. Here are only a couple of reasons why adventure tours in Jordan organized by us at Go Jordan Travel and Tourism ought to be high up on your tour itinerary.

The Dead Sea

In spite of the fact that it is famous by the name “The Dead Sea”, this unimaginable natural speculate is really a salt lake, situated in the Jordan Rift Valley and flanked by Jordan, Israel and Palestine. Known for being one of the world’s saltiest waterways, it likewise involves Earth’s absolute bottom ashore, 430m underneath ocean level. The salts and minerals of the water are thought to have restorative properties, and are frequently utilized in medicines for skin and join conditions, and in beauty care products. The adventure tours in Jordan organized by us definitely include Dead Sea.

Wadi Rum

Truly deciphering as “Roman Valley”, Wadi Rum is otherwise called The Valley of the Moon is also one of the destination of our adventure tours in Jordan. Arranged in southern Jordan, the valley is a warren of gullies, water gaps and rock developments formed out of the sandstone and granite. Home to neighborhood Bedouin individuals that still keep up a semi-traveling way of life, Wadi Rum is a perfect goal to investigate by foot, on camel back or in a 4×4 vehicle.


Best known for the façade of its notable Treasury, which showed up in the film ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’, the “pink city” of Petra is a whole city cut from the desert stone. Built up by the Nabataean individuals more than 2000 years prior, it is no big surprise that this huge city is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and obviously a place that we visit during our adventure tours in Jordan. The passageway to the city is through a Siq, or limited crevasse, which extends over 1km long. It is conceivable to invest days investigating the city’s sanctuaries, tombs and colonnaded boulevards, taking in the magnificence of the complex carvings in its bright rock.