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Amman- A Place Where All Can Enjoy

Separations in Jordan are little. It is anything but difficult to base yourself in Amman and make a progression of day tours from Amman out to close-by attractions. The principle draw is floating your day away at the Dead Sea; you could join this with a visit to the close-by Baptism Site of Jesus. On the other hand, the sociable old town of Madaba is simple to reach – and, with your vehicle, you could develop a delicate, roundabout day-trip from Amman to Madaba, at that point the Mount Nebo mosaics, then the Dead Sea with or without the Baptism Site, and back to Amman. On the off chance that you begin early, and keep up a reasonable pace, this circuit is likewise conceivable by transport.

A lovely day-trip into the sloping county side west of Amman could take in the Hellenistic royal residence of Qasr Al Abd and the nearby caves and specialties workshops of Iraq Al Amir, the wonderful old Ottoman capital of Salt and a dinner or a walk around the paths of old Fuheis.

North of Amman, the Roman remnants at Jerash make for an incredible half-day trip, set in some dazzling rolling countryside. Consolidate Jerash with a visit to Ajloun manor – or make a day of it with a stroll on Ajloun’s Al Ayoun Trail.

East of Amman, a circuit of streets takes in the captivating “Desert Castles” – this is anything but difficult to do by taxi or private vehicle, yet incomprehensible on open transport.

With one leg immovably planted in its old history and the other jumping into advancement, Jordan’s capital city has bounty to offer guests.
You can witness an old meeting new in Jordan’s jolting capital city of Amman. Antiquated Roman remnants, hip shisha bistros, complex souks, and a humming nightlife scene extend over the hilly scene, enticing voyagers of numerous types to exploration during Amman City tour that we at Go Jordan Travel & Tourism organize.

Amman has in store something or other for every nature of vacationers. Whichever group you fall in, it is for sure that you have something to explore and enjoy.

For History Lovers

For History Lovers-Jebel al-Qala'a

Hundreds of years of history are balanced on Jebel al-Qala’a, Amman’s most elevated slope, where old Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad remnants make up the territory known as the Citadel. Guests meander back in time through the stone-cut segments and vaulted chambers of the striking Temple of Hercules and Umayyad Palace. More distant down the slope, the amazing second-century Roman Theater, the focal point of antiquated Philadelphia, is cut into the edge. As an extra, the Citadel’s high vantage point offers amazing perspectives on downtown Amman.

You can also be part of our Amman to Petra day trip and stand in front of history at Petra.

For those who love festivals

festivals in Amman jordan

Amman’s expanding art scene sets the phase for some epic celebrations. Each late spring, a huge number of revellers run to King Hussein Park for the Amman Summer Festival—an upbeat blast of dance, music, and artistry. In May, observers can see masterpieces of graffiti at the Baladk Street Art Festival, and in July, the Franco-Arab Film Festival features French-Arab preparations. If you cannot make it the summer grasp the dramatization at the European Film Festival held in November.

For fashion lovers

 For fashion lovers- Amman

Weave your way through the city’s twisting souks, where traders trade diverse products. Snatch true trinkets, lamps, adornments, and collectibles in Souk al-Bukharia in downtown Amman. For customers hoping to overdo it, head to Gold Souk, where intricate gold and silver gems decorate window shows, enticing customers to exhaust their wallets. In case you are searching for vintage style motivation, stop by the Jordan Folklore Museum and Museum of Popular Tradition, both situated inside the Roman Theater, which shows customary Jordanian and Palestinian ensembles, gems, and crowns.

For food lovers

Jabri Restaurant- Amman

Treat your taste buds to the hot and sweet flavours of Amman. Alongside the King Hussein Mosque, the scents of candy-coated natural products, flaky baklawa, and syrupy kanafeh improve the air at the Souk Al-Sukar, or sugar market. Hone your cooking aptitudes at Beit Sitti, where guests figure out how to set up their four-course supper. Those searching for fine dining with an old-world environment should dare to Kan Zaman, which presents customary Jordanian and Levantine cooking styles. Vaulted stone roofs, delicately lit lamps, and Arabic music transport burger joints to another century. For conventional Arab dishes, taste falafel in the family-run Hashem, request mansaf at Sufra Restaurant and fulfill your sweet tooth with some baklawa at Jabri Restaurant.

For fans of architecture

Abu Darwish Mosque

Amman is where you can witness Islamic design spanning from olden times to most recent. Four transcending minarets announce the presence of the pink-and-white King Hussein Mosque. The Ottoman-style development revamped in 1932 over the site of an old mosque from A.D. 640 is a place that you will love to visit. On Fridays during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, admirers regularly spill out onto the boulevards. Adventure more remote east, where the turquoise-domed King Abdullah Mosque, a dedication to the late King Hussein’s granddad, flies against the sandy-hued scene. The dome decorated by amazing Quranic engravings obliges a great many admirers. An additional 15 minutes east, Abu Darwish Mosque sits on Jebel al-Ashrafiyeh, one of Amman’s seven hills, and is most remarkable for its staggering exterior, made up of substituting layers of highly contrasting stone.

For Night part lovers

For some, the fun starts when the sun goes down. Dance to the beats of a live DJ at H20 Pool and Lounge at the Kempinski Hotel. Make the most of your blend with a fantastic view at the Ghoroub Lounge on the housetop of the Landmark Hotel, or eat under the fiber-optic light fixtures of 32º North at the Grand Hyatt. Those searching for an even more serene night can unwind at one of Amman’s in vogue shisha and espresso parlours dispersed over the city. Head to diverse Rainbow Street and request some local eats and fruity-seasoned shisha at Jafra Restaurant and Cafe while tuning in to live music. Unwind into a heap of splendid pillows at the astounding Azkadenya Arabic eatery, grab a dessert with an additional side of swag at Fashion Café, or taste on an espresso with a decent book at the hallucinogenic Books@Café.

So, visit Amman and enjoy the most when you are in town or at places nearby.

Places to visit on a vacation to Eilat

Eilat is Israel’s solitary Red Sea resort, sitting on their little stretch of Red Sea shoreline, pressed in the middle of Jordan and Egypt. The enormous vacation spot here is the Red Sea’s well-known diving, and only south of town is the phenomenal submerged universe of Coral Beach Reserve. In case you are more land lover than a jumper is, the shorelines here are all that anyone could need to keep you cheerful, with a lot of fun in the sun for everybody. Only north of town is the head-turning, normally etched universe of Timna Park, a standout amongst Israel’s most delightful and strange activities. These unusually formed rocks and unfathomable scenes are sufficient to get even the most committed sun admirer off the shoreline for a day of desert experience and touring. There are many reputed tour organizers organizing day tours in Eilat and these offer the best opportunities to enjoy all these.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park

See the submerged world without getting wet. This submerged observatory is one of Eilat’s real focal points for anybody wishing to see the Rhapsody of shading beneath the ocean surface. From the tower observatory, 100 meters seaward, you descend the stairs down six meters beneath the surface to observe the overflowing submerged existence of the Red Sea. While on the shore, there is additionally a magnificent aquarium, with many Red Sea fish, turtles, and sharks. In case you are feeling increasingly audacious, you can likewise take a glass-bottomed pontoon excursion to see the reefs further away from home.

Timna Park

Timna National Park
This excellent and captivating national park has dreamlike desert scenes and a charming antiquated copper-mining history. The peculiar rock arrangements that have been etched by wind and downpour make this park a must see a place. The most outstanding of these is Solomon’s Pillars, a 50-meter-high mass of sandstone rock, cut into column shapes by disintegration. A trip of steps leads up the precipice face to an alleviation delineating Pharaoh Ramses III making an offering to the goddess Hathor.

Excavation in the region from 1959 onwards have uncovered that copper has been methodically mined here since as ahead as 3,000 BC, with both the Egyptians and the Israelites working the mines at various occasions. Opposite Solomon’s Pillars is the Hill of the Slaves – a camp in which the diggers of the fourteenth and twelfth century BC lived. You can see the encompassing camp dividers and the remaining parts of houses and workshops.

Dolphin Reef

Dolphin Reef
On the off chance that you need to swim with dolphins, the suitably named Dolphin Reef is the spot to go. This private bay runs an assortment of visits and treks where you can connect with the gathering of bottlenose dolphins that live in the water. There are snorkeling and swimming excursions, and if you would prefer not to go into the ocean, there are various perception docks on the shore to watch the dolphins from dry land.
You can enjoy all these if you are part of our Eilat tour from Wadi Rum. We offer you a comfortable journey and able guides to make possible for you to enjoy all these places with comfort and safety.

Ice Space

Ice Space Eilat


Winning the prize for a wackiest vacation spot in Eilat by a mile, Ice Space tosses you out of the desert and into the solidifying universe of the Arctic. Inside, the temperature plunges to a relentless – 7˚Celsius as you stroll between the different ice designs. No, we don’t have the foggiest idea what it has to do with a desert town on the Red Sea coast either, yet on a bubbling sweltering summer day, it’s a joyfully cool treat. Children will likewise cherish it.

Coral Beach Reserve

coral beach nature reserve eilat

Eilat’s head plunging and swimming site is the ensured Coral Beach Reserve, and the seaward waters are home to an energetically vivid universe of coral and fluttering fish. In case you are a diver, a trek here will be the feature of your Eilat vacation. Indeed, even amateur jumpers are all around here. On the off chance, that you do not need extravagant dive the profound, the reefs directly off the shore are shallow enough for you to appreciate the fish life and coral just by swimming. You can have masks and goggles here easily.

Bird watching centre

Directly at the focal point of the bird relocation courses among Africa and Europe, the Eilat territory is incredible for bird viewing. Spring and fall are the best seasons for sightseers who need to detect the most species going through, and this little Bird Watching Center, out towards the Jordanian fringe post, is the best spot to draw out your binoculars. Inside the save are well-checked trails, with a lot of stows away dabbed along the way at the best spots.

Botanical garden

On the slope above Eilat, this professional flowerbed is an obscure spot of lavish tropical trees and plants. It is a fantastic departure from the burning sun, and the bounty of greenery makes an intriguing juxtaposition with the encompassing uncovered desert slope. It is an extraordinary spot for an evening walk when the most exceedingly awful of the warmth has dispersed throughout the afternoon, and a decent spot to give the children a chance to explore in case you are going with little ones close behind.

King’s City Theme Park

King's City Theme Park

Children need a break from the shoreline. Do not sweat it. Eilat is home to an amusement park with an unmistakable Holy Land curve. Inside the recreation center, the rides take a noteworthy subject, with antiquated King Solomon assuming a featuring job in the significant water ride, and the whole caboodle focused cycle a Middle Eastern-style château. It makes for a decent family day out around the local area, especially if the little ones are exhausted of the sun and sand and need to release some pressure.


To the exclusion of everything else, Eilat is a shoreline resort and a great many people come here essentially to flounder out on the sand. The best shorelines embrace the coast somewhat away, with family-accommodating Coral Beach being the most well known. Palm Beach and Village Beach are increasingly laid-back and calm, however still home to incredible bistros and cafés. On all shorelines, there are lawn chairs and sunshades for lease and every one of the facilities you could need for a day of pleasure out sunbathing and swimming.

Hai Bar Nature Reserve

Hai Bar Nature Reserve

The kibbutz of Yotvata sits at the entry to Hai Bar Nature Reserve, built up in 1963. This rambling 10,000-acre of landmark is home to a lot of untamed life, including pronghorns, wild asses, hyenas, ostriches, and an entire heap of other desert animals. Every one of the creatures is in the wild here since the main purpose of the recreation centre was of populating the region with creatures that would have lived here in old occasions. It makes for an incredible outing from Eilat’s shorelines.

Mount Zefahot Trail

Mount Zefahot Trail

This roundabout-climbing trail, just toward the south of Eilat town, is a chance to get inconceivable all-encompassing perspectives over Eilat, with Jordan and the town of Aqaba toward the north, Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula toward the south, and the rocky ledge of Saudi Arabia over the sparkling Red Sea toward the east. It takes around four hours to climb, and anybody with a better than an average dimension of wellness can handle the well-stamped trail. It is best climbed either in the early morning before the most noticeably awful of the day’s warmth drops.

Red Canyon

While in transit to the Egyptian border post, the Red Canyon gives a sample of experience to climbers and nature sweethearts who do not have sufficient energy to explore the desert view further. A well-checked trail here, appropriate for families, drives you into the red-tinged rock of the gully and takes around 30 minutes to finish with some delicate scrambling included. For the individuals who need to explore further, there is a more drawn out, half-day round course from the canyon that prompts a charming watercourse and enables you to take in a greater of more amount of the parched scene.

If you are with us along with our Petra and Wadi Rum tours from Eilat then you can also explore and enjoy the surroundings of Petra and Wadi Rum along with these.

Places in Petra that you should visit

There are many such places in Petra that you need to visit if you desire to have a vacation which allows you to know Jordan in totality.

The Siq

It is the antiquated primary entry to Petra, and is a mile long, restricted valley. Otherwise called the Siqit, it is the primary entrance to the city of Petra. It is a thin crevasse and is about a mile long. The way begins at the dam and finishes at the Treasury. The greatest thing about the Siq is the limestone designs, cut up and down the stones. There are channels on either side of the Siq to draw water from Wadi Musa. A valley outside prompting the Siq known as Bab al Siq is where you can see enormous square landmarks cut out of the stone, known as Djinn rocks. You will likewise observe an Obelisk Tomb and even four pyramids.

The Treasury

The Treasury is the most renowned sanctuary at Petra. The Treasury is a 40-meter high old sanctuary you will rest your eyes upon when you reach the Siq. At the highest point of the Treasury, there sits an urn supposed to contain the fortune of a Pharaoh. There are likewise shot marks on the urn left by Bedouin voyagers who have endeavoured to demonstrate the hypothesis right. It is unpredictably enlivened with Corinthian capitals and figures, a large number of which are believed to be related to existence in the wake of death. On the upper dimension, there are figures of moving Amazons and the passage flanked by statues of the twins Castor and Pollux, every one of whom is figures in Greek folklore. The purpose for the Treasury stays obscure right up until the present time. Hollywood movies have highlighted the place much like in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

The Dam

The dam remains at the passageway to the Siq. The purpose of the dam developed by the Nabataeans was to shield Petra from blaze floods. It did as such by diverting rising waters into a passage that later came to be called the Dark Tunnelí. Redesigning happened by the administration in 1963 and after that again in 1991, remaining consistent with the first engineering of the Nabataeans.

Street of Facades

street of facades petra

The Street of Facades is a column of momentous tombs. It is a long road fixed with superb tombs, with expansive veneers, otherwise called false faces, hanging down their front. There are various entombments on either side, finished by grindstones. It is trusted that a portion of these tombs was for senior city authorities or even rulers. A portion of the gully dividers is fixed with tombs for conventional natives. The greater part of the veneers is harmed up to an extraordinary degree because of the floods.

The Great Temple

In spite of the fact that it is known as the Great Temple, archaeologists don’t know for certain on the off chance that it, in reality, a sanctuary as late discoveries demonstrate it may have been a castle and get together lobby. The Great Temple is the biggest unsupported structure found in Petra, covering a region of 7560 square meters. Proof found by archaeologists’ shows that the sanctuary was around 19 feet tall. The complex has two dimensions, a lower one and an upper one.

If we have a look at the places of attractions at Wadi Rum them, they are many. Let us have a look at some of those.

Burdah Rock Bridge

burdah rock bridge jordan

The biggest of Rum’s three curves are the Burdah Rock Bridge, dangerously roosted about 80m above encompassing rock. There is an abrupt climb to the summit.

Khazali Siq

A simple siq to explore is the thin crevice that cuts into Jebel Khazali. You can explore by walking for about 150m, sufficiently far to welcome the cool shade and to see engravings made by the people of yore who utilized the siq for a similar reason. Pay special mind to illustrations of ostriches, sets of feet and a lady conceiving an offspring. You need ropes and a manual for infiltrating further and 4WD transport to come to the siq.

Al Hasany Dunes

While there are dunes in a few places around Wadi Rum, the most striking are the red sands that face Jebel Umm Ulaydiyya. On the off chance that you are on a 4WD or camel visit, drivers will stop close to a perfect incline for you to trudge your way to the peak of the ridge. They are especially dazzling at dusk.

So, if you wish to explore Petra, Wadi Rum and of course Eilat do come to us.

Look No Further Than Jordan When You Desire Adventure

Antiquated, magical and magnificent – Jordan is a true champion of the Middle East. In a region tormented with strife, here lies a protected and shocking haven of fanciful scenes, covered with archaeological fortunes. Jordan’s stunning landscape is the stuff of legend – huge sun-baked sand hills and sensational rough outcrops of sandstone and rock, cool aqueducts bordered with date palms and concealed urban areas cut from stone.

Be overwhelmed by the old city of Petra, one of the world’s incredible archaeological miracles – a fantasy desert city of rock-cut structures and landmarks, wonderfully cut into the encompassing sandstone precipices in warm shades of rose, rust, and gold. Experience the distinct excellence of Wadi Rum at dusk, exploring by foot, jeep and camel the iconic chasms, bluffs, gulches and rock curves made well known by Lawrence of Arabia; and head to the Dana Nature Reserve to climb the ‘Inca Trail of the Middle East’ towards Petra, explore remote gullies and close vertical canyons and outdoors along tremendous channels.

Explore the astoundingly well-safeguarded remains of Jerash, once a flourishing Roman city; wonder about the fantastic frescoes and early Islamic engineering of Jordan’s antiquated Desert Castles; and remain as Moses did on Mount Nebo, appreciating an all-encompassing perspective on the Promised Land.

At that point, loosen up your movement-exhausted bones in the mineral waters and remedial mud of the Dead Sea; and appreciate the coral reefs, rich marine life and laidback occasion vibe of Aqaba, the gem of Jordan’s Red Sea coast.

Whichever of our adventure tours in Jordan you pick, you will love experience into this stunning scriptural land!

Begin your voyage with the investigation of the antiquated city of Petra, or you can explore different, daring opportunities all through the nation of Jordan. One such way to do so is to book our Petra adventure tours. We make it possible for you to explore and enjoy all the adventures that come your way.

Explore the dunes at Wadi Rum

camel ride to Wadi Rum

Take a camel ride to Wadi Rum, a secured desert wilderness in southern Jordan. It has normal sandstone structures that are incredible for rock climbing. Local Bedouin guides from the region are likewise accessible to help you in encountering the best places to climb.

There are many other extraordinary approaches to explore Wadi Rum, including its acclaimed 4-Wheel Drive, ATV, and Off-Road Tours. On the off chance that you favor being noticeable all around, see the astonishing perspective on Wadi Rum from above with a skydive over the sand valley.

Have a Canyoning adventure at Wadi Mujib

adventure at Wadi Mujib

Canyoning is another extraordinary adrenaline surge that can be found in Jordan, particularly in the well-known stream gully of the Wadi Mujib. Move up and swim through the gorge to the core of the Wadi Mujib where a cascade is standing by. Here, you can abseil down the cascade and return through the normal water slides of the ravine.

Hike amongst the archaeological structures

The climb through this UNESCO World Heritage site is sufficiently convincing to be one of the best ten experience exercises in Jordan. The antiquated city of Petra offers some splendid gulches and rock faces. It lies in south Jordan, inside a bowl of mountains that structure a valley between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. With its transcending, age-old rock structures that appear to eject all of a sudden, it is an arresting spot to explore for the geographer, history specialist and culture-vulture in you.

Rock climbing at Wadi Rum


This valley down south is a climber’s heaven, making it one of our preferred spots for adventure exercises in Jordan. Climbs on the sandstone rocks reach up to 1800m above ocean level. Top-ropers, traditional climbers, boulderers will locate the vertical territory an extraordinary space to rehearse and refine their system.

Diving in the Red Sea

Diving in the Red Sea

Jordan just has around 17 miles of coastline along the Red Sea, however those 17 miles idea up probably the best jumping and swimming in the whole locale. This area of the water is outstanding for its huge and vivid coral reefs, which thus draws in much beautiful fish and other marine life as well. There are even a few wreck drives in the zone, including one that includes an American M42 Duster tank that at the base the ocean.

A standout amongst the best wreck drive in Jordanian waters is positively the Cedar Pride, a loaded vessel that sank off the coast in 1985. The ship sits only 35 feet underneath the surface and has turned into the home of stingrays and other amphibian creatures in the years that have pursued. The disaster area is effectively available and a prominent spot for jumpers is hoping to investigate something other than the neighborhood reef framework.

Spot wilderness in Shamwari Reserve

Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature established the Shamwari Reserve in 1975 as a spot to secure the absolute most jeopardized species over the Middle East. From that point forward, the untamed life specialists at the hold have worked with zoos and other natural life stops with an end goal to make a reproducing focus to guarantee that a large number of the animals found there will be around for future ages too.

At simply 8.5 square miles in size, the amusement reserve is not especially vast. Overall, it is home to oryx, ostriches, gazelles, and onagers, making it a decent goal for those hoping to recognize a portion of the neighborhood natural life. A perception tower makes that shockingly simple to do. However, safari journeys are additionally an alternative.

Spend a night with the Bedouins

Spend a night with the Bedouins

The rambling desert can give some fascinating social encounters, including the chance to go through the night in a conventional Bedouin camp.

Amid the day, the desert can be hot and bone-dry, yet around evening time, it turns wonderfully cool, with a huge number of stars to view overhead. As a visitor at the Bedouin camp, you can expect to receive a conventional feast and charmed with local stories and legends about the desert and the general population who live there. What is more, when you are prepared to rest through the night, private tents will hold up to give a decent night’s rest. Overnight, Wadi Rum is unbelievably calm and quiet, making it the ideal spot for an outdoors experience.

Walk amongst the ancient ruins of Jerash


The Jordanian city of Jerash holds the refinement of being one of the most established networks on the planet. People have possessed the city for over 6,500 years, which implies there is a ton of history found there.

Jerash is home to probably the best safeguarded Roman demolishes in the whole Middle East, including cleared and colonnaded boulevards, rambling amphitheaters, extensive city squares, wellsprings, open showers, towers, royal residences, and the sky is the limit from there.

A visit to Jerash is like to venture back in time, as a great part of the vestiges found there are extraordinarily all around protected. The gigantic complex of Roman structures remains in sharp differentiation to the innovative city, which encompasses the antiquated site, giving setting and point of view on how far man has come as far as mechanical upgrades.

Float on the Dead Sea

swim in Dead Sea

Named the Dead Sea for having zero life existing in it, is a place full of adventurous activities. Situated at the absolute bottom in Earth and known for its high salt focus along these lines why you can without much of a stretch buoy in the Dead Sea with right around zero exertion. The lightness from the excessively salty ocean is an astonishing background that you cannot discover wherever else on the planet. Applying the rich mineral mud and after that plunging or drifting in the Dead Sea is one of life-changing background you will ever have.

Jordan adventure tours organized by us at Go Jordan Travel and Tourism offer you the opportunities to enjoy all such adventurous activities.

The amazing foods to taste

The amazing foods to taste

Having a taste of local cuisines is also an adventure, which you can have while you are in Jordan. Food is a clear reflection on the significance of liberality and friendliness and the noteworthiness of sustenance in the Jordanian culture.


Falafel, a mix of ground chickpeas, blended with an assortment of flavors and fried into smaller than usual patty like shapes, is a standout amongst the most widely recognized road food bites or light suppers in Jordan. You can eat it like veggie chunks, eaten with bread, or stuffed into sandwiches. The falafel in Jordan was without a doubt the best you can have at any point, light and soft within, fresh outwardly, with a fragrance of cumin, garlic, and parsley.


Hummus is conceivably the most notable Levantine and Middle Eastern food around the globe. You may have generally liked hummus, yet you never grew up eating hummus or eating it consistently until visiting Jordan. What is more, in Jordan you can eat hummus something like two-three times each day.

The hummus in Jordan is phenomenal, and regardless of containing pretty much a similar fixing make-up at each café you request it from, it’s astounding how every form tasted just marginally extraordinary – the measure of lemon juice, and proportion of garbanzo beans to tahini, the surface, and furthermore, in all respects critically, the olive oil.


Labneh generally called strained yoghurt is exceptionally thick, rich yoghurt served at every morning meal table in Jordan. It is not commonly eaten like a bowl of yoghurt since it is so rich; however, rather it is utilized as a spread for bread or a plunge for vegetables. The taste is acerbic and smooth, however normally not salty, fundamentally the same as harsh cream.

Labneh is served in a bowl plain, sprinkled with olive oil, or joined with various herbs or leaves to give it more flavor. You can order certain adaptations of labneh that include local herbs.

Warak Enab
You can taste Warak enab or stuffed grape leaves, and kousa mahshi, together, and they are another awesome expansion to Jordanian food. Both the grape leaves and the zucchini are loaded down with a blend of rice and ground meat, onions, and light seasonings, at that point wrapped up, and moderate cooked.

So, to enjoy all these adventures and taste fantastic Jordanian food plan a vacation to Jordan and inform us before doing so.

Ten Things Not To Miss Doing When At The Dead Sea

It is difficult to accumulating a rundown of things to see and do in the Dead Sea region. However, we have done our best to give you without a doubt the must-see things to attempt. They are useful for each financial plan and each sort of traveler, regardless of whether you are a blaze packer or out with your children and family.

The Dead Sea is a genuinely stunning spot to visit without a doubt one of Israel’s must-sees, and practically the majority of the things on the rundown beneath should be possible autonomously if that is the thing you are pursuing. In case you are after someone to help control you through a portion of the genuine marvels at the lowest place on earth, you can book one of the many day tours to the Dead Sea offered by reputed tour organizers. Being with such tour operators, you will not have any botheration regarding the tour in any aspect.

Marvel at the beauty of Masada Sunrise

Masada sunrise

There is nothing very like the wow factor of seeing the sun ascend over the Jordanian mountains and the Dead Sea, while roosted on the magnificent mountaintop of the peak post of Masada. It may be an early start in case you are originating from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem; you are taking a gander at taking off at 4 am, however that absence of a decent night’s rest will before long be overlooked when you see the sun look over the peaks in Jordan.

Masada is effectively reachable from both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv via vehicle, and will presumably take you between 60-120 minutes. There is no accessible transportation that promptly in the first part of the day, so we would prescribe taking an affordable Dead Sea tour in Jordan on the off chance that you do not have your vehicle. Another incredible alternative to consider is the Roman Rampart access to Masada, which is accessible from the town of Arad; this passage to Masada is a lot shorter trek, and a lot simpler for children and those less portable. From Arad, this passageway is a genuinely quick 20-minute drive, so indeed, a superior choice if you are extravagant somewhat of a lie-in!

You can generally visit Masada amid the day; however, we would exceptionally suggest a dawn visit for a definitive Masada experience.

Float and not swim in the Dead Sea

swim in Dead Sea

You have seen it in the promotions about Israel, and you have most likely conceived yourself floating ceaselessly while perusing the paper – however, gliding in the Dead Sea is one of those must-dos when visiting Israel. It does not make a difference in how touristy it feels this is a marvelous encounter for some! What’s more, it is one of the beneficial things you can do on a visit to the Dead Sea. You can sprinkle on a portion of that well-known Dead Sea mud on your skin and feel the nutrients and minerals seep through each pore!

With the Dead Sea confronting a touch of an ecological emergency now, alternatives to really, float in the Dead Sea are winding up increasingly restricted. The first FREE alternative is at the vacationer strip at Ein Bokek. You can likewise take a tour plan that will incorporate a float in the Dead Sea.

Explore on a Judean Desert Jeep Tour

Judean Desert Jeep Tour

Overall, in case you are after a totally one of a kind encounter, what about a stunning jeep tour through the Judean desert? This is an incredible little jeep visit, and is of really colossal esteem, as you’re getting an entire day trip at the cost of a standard 2-3 hour visit! This visit may very well pass your socks over, and is one of the absolute best approaches to truly, explore the zone sitting above the Dead Sea and the large scenes of the desert that encompasses the region!

Explore the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

As we would like to think, a standout amongst the most staggering nature holds in Israel must be the one at Ein Gedi. With the shoreline at Ein Gedi no longer available because of the progressing issues with sink-gaps, a standout amongst the best places to chill in the Dead Sea area is this astonishing park. With various concealed cascades as a component of two primary trails namely the Nahal David, the more straightforward trail, and Nahal Arugot, an all the more testing trail, and a lot of rich green landscape – in addition to a setting of the lofty Judean mountains – this is one not to miss.

Try to visit the hot springs of the Dead Sea

On the off chance that you need an off-the-beaten-track understanding, at that point what about stargazing into the sky-filled stars over the usually hot waters of the Dead Sea springs. This is most likely appropriate for those of you resting in the zone. It is an extraordinary night out – it gives you a chance to appreciate the miracles of a star-filled sky while sipping the bottle of local beer!

Not to forget salt caving

salt caving

With such a significant amount of salt in the area, you most likely will not be astonished to hear that there are many salt caverns to explore. What you most likely will not be prepared for is an exceptional encounter that truly will remain with you. Salt craving is for the more courageous of you and not for the individuals, who battle in little, kept spaces. In any case, to guarantee you have the most secure experience – remember that some salt caverns have collapsed – we suggest taking a salt caving visit with local specialists.

Segway tour at the Dead Sea

Segway tour at Dead Sea

Another of-a-kind encounter can be delighted in at the genuinely new footpath on the Dead Sea promenade – take a Segway tour! This unusual method of transport is likewise accessible at the lowest spot on Earth, and what with the staggering Dead Sea views, and the lowest promenade on Earth, take you on a floating, riding knowledge to recall!

The visit happens by the fundamental lodging strip at Ein Bokek, so is ideal for those of you remaining there. Furthermore, do not stress in case you do not know how to ride a Segway, a guide will put you through some preparation before you hit that footpath!

Hiking and Canyoning in the Dead Sea

Hiking and Canyoning in the Dead Sea

With some stunning scenes to investigate, there are some genuinely astounding hikes in the area. Spots like Mount Sodom are incredible Biblical destinations that would now be able exploration, just as climbs to concealed jewels like Birkhat Tzifara and the Qumran Canyon. In case you are a prepared climber you might be OK. However, we’d exceptionally prefer a specialist guide to help you on your course – you truly would prefer not to become mixed up amidst a desert climb.

The Dead Sea is not the only place that will amaze you when you are in Jordan. Reputed travel organizations organize the Dead Sea & Jerash & Amman City Tour. They meticulously design the tours according to your desire and financial plans. Such tours will help you to know Jordan within the level of comfort that you desire to have.

Explore Qumran Caves

Qumran Caves

You probably will not understand it. However, the Qumran Caves in the northern area of the Dead Sea are a standout amongst the most noteworthy as far as later archeological finds. It is where the 700 sacred writings of the Dead Sea Scrolls, were found which contained a proof of discourses by Jesus and old Jewish supplications, among others, and which additionally, confirmed the establishments of Judeo-Christianity. The park facilitating these stunning caverns – found by a lost Bedouin shepherd kid in 1946 – is open consistently.

In any case, as we would see it, for a definitive Qumran experience you genuinely need to jump on your knees and slither through old water channels and climb through the gully that is a piece of Qumran.

Meeting the Bedouins

Last – however assuredly not least – on our rundown of the best activities in the Dead Sea area is meeting the genuine local occupants of the place, the Bedouins. A standout amongst the ideal methods for getting to honestly realize a nation is to meet local people and meeting these desert wanderers is a genuinely remarkable encounter, as you had the opportunity to see their perspectives and lifestyle, a lot of which has stayed unaltered more than many years. For a few, this unfiltered experience can be somewhat of a culture stun, yet for other people, a genuine revelation.

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Planning the Biblical Tours in Jordan

Whether you take the Bible as truth or not, there’s no denying the impact the Holy Book has had on our world as it continues to shape and influence most of the world today. More often overshadowed by Israel that comprises of the most important biblical sites, most of the places that inspired the stories of the Bible are found in the current Jordan.

For over 2,000 years, many of these places have been the place of pilgrimage for the curious and devout. Many of the Biblical sightings are located within the driving distance of Amman, making them right day trip options during your vacation in the city. Here are a few sites you can include in your Jordan Biblical tour package:

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo is an unassuming hill situated just 32 km (20 miles) southwest of Amman. It’s supposed the site where Moses died. Currently, this site offers the same view that God permitted Moses in the Biblical story. The stark mountaintop offers unobtrusive views into Israel and the Palestinian territories.

On a clear day, you can see Jerusalem, Jericho, Bethlehem, and other legendary sites. In addition to the spectacular views, the mountaintop stands out as the home to a group of monks who the site and church that dates back to the fourth century. When you go inside the church, you’ll find the remains of Jordan’s most well-preserved floor mosaics from the time period.

Additionally, exotic animal species decorate the floor with the battle scenes of warriors. The brightness of the tile’s colors is quite impressive and only look a few decades old instead of their 1,700-year long history.

Bethany Beyond the Jordan

Bethany Beyond the Jordan is agreed on site of Jesus baptism. It’s believed that John the Baptist submerged Jesus into the waters of the Jordan River. The Baptismal site itself is extremely overwhelming, but there’s no denying the significance of the site itself.

The steps date back to the fourth century lead down to the once-gushing spring where it’s believed the Baptism took place. Now a small pool of water is all that remains to mark this spot. If you plan to make the best of Biblical tours in Jordan, consider buying tickets ahead of time on your Jordan pass before entering the country. Buying them as a part of the Pass will save you around an additional 4 Dinars per ticket.



Machaerus is so far one of the best places to take Biblical tours in Jordan. The lone gumdrop-shaped hill, framed with the Dead Sea from behind is the place where the remains of Herod the Great Castle lie. It’s located somewhere on this hilltop, amongst many caves that dot the hillside that John the Baptist is believed to have lost his head.

While not the most of ruins remain after being destroyed b invading Romans and earthquakes, there are few places in Jordan that boast such splendid scenery. The climb around the hill and the mountaintop offer 360-degree views of the entire area. The most appealing views are seen in the west where the hills roll down to the Dead Sea some 1,100 meters below. If you’re up for a little hike, the path seen winding over the hilltops below Machaerus offers spectacular views of the Dead Sea.

On most of the days, this site only sees a handful number of visitors meaning it will be most likely you and the whispering winds up on the top of the mountain. During your visit there, you will make the best of Biblical tours in Jordan.

Umm Qais

Umm Qais

The main reason behind your visit to Umm Qais is the black stoned ruins that are left by the Ottomans and Romans. This sighting is famous for the fact that it’s one of two sites competing for recognition as the place where Jesus cased out demons into pigs. Today this site offers impressive views of Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, and Syria. The ruins seen here while not as impressive as Jerash, are well worth a visit in their own term.


Madaba Jordan

While not a Biblical Site itself, Madaba is the home to the world’s oldest known map of the Holy Land, offering spectacular insights about the region. Dating back to 560 years, the mosaic floor depicting the Holy Land is currently protected under a roof more modern 18th-century old church.

The tiles available here are vibrant in color and are well preserved miraculously. You can take a picture of outside map as there are no signs inside and the mosaic inscriptions are available in Greek. Madaba is the home to one of the largest Christian communities in Jordan with around one-third of the town’s population that belongs to the Christian faith. The churches and mosques stand side by side in this town which acts as a modern symbol of religious tolerance and coexistence.

Bottom Line –

Most of the Jordan Biblical tour sightings, listed above are small in comparison to what Jordan as a whole has to offer. After enjoying these sightings, you will find the Biblical tour a pretty surreal experience that you will treasure forever.

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