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Delicious Jordanian cuisine

Cuisine Tours are a way for people to truly immerse themselves in the experience of living in another place through food. Jordan has a reputation for some fantastic Middle Eastern food, but if you want some help during your trip to find these amazing meals, considers taking a Cuisine Tour.

You can discover the best places to eat in downtown Amman by joining a Cuisine Tour, where you can see popular sites such as the Citadel and Roman Theatre while enjoying local dishes like: Falafel, Hummus, Ful, Shawarma and Kunafa.Enjoy a tasty mint tea, fresh cane juice, and a quick cup of coffee before you head to the cultural sites. Water is also provided. Private transportation and guidance from an experienced local are included in your price.

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The Flavors of Jordan Tour

Learn how to prepare a traditional Jordanian meal and combine it with a one day visit to the rose red city of Petra.

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