Look No Further Than Jordan When You Desire Adventure

Antiquated, magical and magnificent – Jordan is a true champion of the Middle East. In a region tormented with strife, here lies a protected and shocking haven of fanciful scenes, covered with archaeological fortunes. Jordan’s stunning landscape is the stuff of legend – huge sun-baked sand hills and sensational rough outcrops of sandstone and rock, cool aqueducts bordered with date palms and concealed urban areas cut from stone.

Be overwhelmed by the old city of Petra, one of the world’s incredible archaeological miracles – a fantasy desert city of rock-cut structures and landmarks, wonderfully cut into the encompassing sandstone precipices in warm shades of rose, rust, and gold. Experience the distinct excellence of Wadi Rum at dusk, exploring by foot, jeep and camel the iconic chasms, bluffs, gulches and rock curves made well known by Lawrence of Arabia; and head to the Dana Nature Reserve to climb the ‘Inca Trail of the Middle East’ towards Petra, explore remote gullies and close vertical canyons and outdoors along tremendous channels.

Explore the astoundingly well-safeguarded remains of Jerash, once a flourishing Roman city; wonder about the fantastic frescoes and early Islamic engineering of Jordan’s antiquated Desert Castles; and remain as Moses did on Mount Nebo, appreciating an all-encompassing perspective on the Promised Land.

At that point, loosen up your movement-exhausted bones in the mineral waters and remedial mud of the Dead Sea; and appreciate the coral reefs, rich marine life and laidback occasion vibe of Aqaba, the gem of Jordan’s Red Sea coast.

Whichever of our adventure tours in Jordan you pick, you will love experience into this stunning scriptural land!

Begin your voyage with the investigation of the antiquated city of Petra, or you can explore different, daring opportunities all through the nation of Jordan. One such way to do so is to book our Petra adventure tours. We make it possible for you to explore and enjoy all the adventures that come your way.

Explore the dunes at Wadi Rum


Take a camel ride to Wadi Rum, a secured desert wilderness in southern Jordan. It has normal sandstone structures that are incredible for rock climbing. Local Bedouin guides from the region are likewise accessible to help you in encountering the best places to climb.

There are many other extraordinary approaches to explore Wadi Rum, including its acclaimed 4-Wheel Drive, ATV, and Off-Road Tours. On the off chance that you favor being noticeable all around, see the astonishing perspective on Wadi Rum from above with a skydive over the sand valley.

Have a Canyoning adventure at Wadi Mujib


Canyoning is another extraordinary adrenaline surge that can be found in Jordan, particularly in the well-known stream gully of the Wadi Mujib. Move up and swim through the gorge to the core of the Wadi Mujib where a cascade is standing by. Here, you can abseil down the cascade and return through the normal water slides of the ravine.

Hike amongst the archaeological structures

The climb through this UNESCO World Heritage site is sufficiently convincing to be one of the best ten experience exercises in Jordan. The antiquated city of Petra offers some splendid gulches and rock faces. It lies in south Jordan, inside a bowl of mountains that structure a valley between the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. With its transcending, age-old rock structures that appear to eject all of a sudden, it is an arresting spot to explore for the geographer, history specialist and culture-vulture in you.

Rock climbing at Wadi Rum


This valley down south is a climber’s heaven, making it one of our preferred spots for adventure exercises in Jordan. Climbs on the sandstone rocks reach up to 1800m above ocean level. Top-ropers, traditional climbers, boulderers will locate the vertical territory an extraordinary space to rehearse and refine their system.

Diving in the Red Sea


Jordan just has around 17 miles of coastline along the Red Sea, however those 17 miles idea up probably the best jumping and swimming in the whole locale. This area of the water is outstanding for its huge and vivid coral reefs, which thus draws in much beautiful fish and other marine life as well. There are even a few wreck drives in the zone, including one that includes an American M42 Duster tank that at the base the ocean.

A standout amongst the best wreck drive in Jordanian waters is positively the Cedar Pride, a loaded vessel that sank off the coast in 1985. The ship sits only 35 feet underneath the surface and has turned into the home of stingrays and other amphibian creatures in the years that have pursued. The disaster area is effectively available and a prominent spot for jumpers is hoping to investigate something other than the neighborhood reef framework.

Spot wilderness in Shamwari Reserve

Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature established the Shamwari Reserve in 1975 as a spot to secure the absolute most jeopardized species over the Middle East. From that point forward, the untamed life specialists at the hold have worked with zoos and other natural life stops with an end goal to make a reproducing focus to guarantee that a large number of the animals found there will be around for future ages too.

At simply 8.5 square miles in size, the amusement reserve is not especially vast. Overall, it is home to oryx, ostriches, gazelles, and onagers, making it a decent goal for those hoping to recognize a portion of the neighborhood natural life. A perception tower makes that shockingly simple to do. However, safari journeys are additionally an alternative.

Spend a night with the Bedouins


The rambling desert can give some fascinating social encounters, including the chance to go through the night in a conventional Bedouin camp.

Amid the day, the desert can be hot and bone-dry, yet around evening time, it turns wonderfully cool, with a huge number of stars to view overhead. As a visitor at the Bedouin camp, you can expect to receive a conventional feast and charmed with local stories and legends about the desert and the general population who live there. What is more, when you are prepared to rest through the night, private tents will hold up to give a decent night’s rest. Overnight, Wadi Rum is unbelievably calm and quiet, making it the ideal spot for an outdoors experience.

Walk amongst the ancient ruins of Jerash


The Jordanian city of Jerash holds the refinement of being one of the most established networks on the planet. People have possessed the city for over 6,500 years, which implies there is a ton of history found there.

Jerash is home to probably the best safeguarded Roman demolishes in the whole Middle East, including cleared and colonnaded boulevards, rambling amphitheaters, extensive city squares, wellsprings, open showers, towers, royal residences, and the sky is the limit from there.

A visit to Jerash is like to venture back in time, as a great part of the vestiges found there are extraordinarily all around protected. The gigantic complex of Roman structures remains in sharp differentiation to the innovative city, which encompasses the antiquated site, giving setting and point of view on how far man has come as far as mechanical upgrades.

Float on the Dead Sea


Named the Dead Sea for having zero life existing in it, is a place full of adventurous activities. Situated at the absolute bottom in Earth and known for its high salt focus along these lines why you can without much of a stretch buoy in the Dead Sea with right around zero exertion. The lightness from the excessively salty ocean is an astonishing background that you cannot discover wherever else on the planet. Applying the rich mineral mud and after that plunging or drifting in the Dead Sea is one of life-changing background you will ever have.

Jordan adventure tours organized by us at Go Jordan Travel and Tourism offer you the opportunities to enjoy all such adventurous activities.

The amazing foods to taste


Having a taste of local cuisines is also an adventure, which you can have while you are in Jordan. Food is a clear reflection on the significance of liberality and friendliness and the noteworthiness of sustenance in the Jordanian culture.


Falafel, a mix of ground chickpeas, blended with an assortment of flavors and fried into smaller than usual patty like shapes, is a standout amongst the most widely recognized road food bites or light suppers in Jordan. You can eat it like veggie chunks, eaten with bread, or stuffed into sandwiches. The falafel in Jordan was without a doubt the best you can have at any point, light and soft within, fresh outwardly, with a fragrance of cumin, garlic, and parsley.


Hummus is conceivably the most notable Levantine and Middle Eastern food around the globe. You may have generally liked hummus, yet you never grew up eating hummus or eating it consistently until visiting Jordan. What is more, in Jordan you can eat hummus something like two-three times each day.

The hummus in Jordan is phenomenal, and regardless of containing pretty much a similar fixing make-up at each café you request it from, it’s astounding how every form tasted just marginally extraordinary – the measure of lemon juice, and proportion of garbanzo beans to tahini, the surface, and furthermore, in all respects critically, the olive oil.


Labneh generally called strained yoghurt is exceptionally thick, rich yoghurt served at every morning meal table in Jordan. It is not commonly eaten like a bowl of yoghurt since it is so rich; however, rather it is utilized as a spread for bread or a plunge for vegetables. The taste is acerbic and smooth, however normally not salty, fundamentally the same as harsh cream.

Labneh is served in a bowl plain, sprinkled with olive oil, or joined with various herbs or leaves to give it more flavor. You can order certain adaptations of labneh that include local herbs.

Warak Enab
You can taste Warak enab or stuffed grape leaves, and kousa mahshi, together, and they are another awesome expansion to Jordanian food. Both the grape leaves and the zucchini are loaded down with a blend of rice and ground meat, onions, and light seasonings, at that point wrapped up, and moderate cooked.

So, to enjoy all these adventures and taste fantastic Jordanian food plan a vacation to Jordan and inform us before doing so.

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