Dead sea tour -the best way to experience the dead sea from a very close

Dead sea tour

The renowned location at the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea, is a must-see place on any vacation to Jordan.  No trip to Jordan is complete without visiting the Dead Sea. It is an iconic spot at the lowest point on earth, which is worth your exploration. It is one of the strangest places on earth that has attracted millions of travelers for decades! It is a beautiful water body bordered Jordan from the East. The environment’s extreme salinity makes it challenging for species to exist in abundance.

There are several beaches along the Dead Sea shore. Here you can float on the salty water, relax on the sand and enjoy the medicated mud bath. Kalia Beach provides several amenities at the northernmost point of the Dead Sea. Neve Midbar, Neve Zohar, and Biankini are a few other well-liked Dead Sea beaches. It has numerous waterfront spa facilities, like the Ein Gedi Spa and Wellness Center. It allows you to indulge in a unique spa treatment while relaxing on the beach at the Dead Sea.

Dead sea tour

Finding lodging on the Dead Sea side of Jordan is not difficult. There are abundance of resorts and beautiful hotels that face a large beach. Along with lodging alternatives, the Dead Sea region has several spas and dining restaurants where visitors may unwind and eat beautiful meals. It’s a tranquil, pleasant location that’s great for leisure travel and romantic getaways.

Tourists visiting the Dead Sea from the Jordanian side are sure to be struck by the desolate area along the Desert Highway.

Tourists can visit the Dead Sea Museum, also known as the Dead Sea Panoramic Complex, to learn more about the geology, ecology, history, and other aspects of the Dead Sea region. Even though the large lake is a draw in and of itself, travelers should not skip the various neighboring attractions while taking a day trip to the Dead Sea.

Jordan day trips include stops at Masada and the Dead Sea. On the plateau summit of this enormous rock protrusion, King Herod constructed a lavish palace fortress more than 2000 years ago. The day tours Dead Sea let you discover numerous other sites as well., Qumran, is one of the other sights close to the Dead Sea. Ein Gedi is a surprisingly verdant desert oasis where bubbling streams meet beautiful waterfalls. Other desert activities at the Dead Sea include stargazing, abseiling, hiking through Wadi Bokek, and desert jeep tours to Metsuke Dragot.

Dead sea tour

A mere twenty minute drive from the Dead Sea is Mount Nebo – one of the sought-after attractions of the nearby region. Tourists can climb this mountain to behold an unobtrusive view of many nearby sites and localities of Jordan and Palestinian territories. On the mountaintop, they can see the ruins of an ancient church that reveal stories of Moses, who lived there hundreds of years ago. Madaba, a town near the Dead Sea, is also an important place of tourist interest. Rightly dubbed as the ‘City of Mosaics’, this quaint little town exhibits some of the most impressive Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics. Other nearby attractions that keep tourists engaged are the Mujib Reserve of Wadi Mujib, Hammamat Ma’in and Lot’s Cave.

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