Jordan- The Place to Have a Family Vacation

Baptism site in Jordan

Jordan is an interesting goal that guardians and children will always remember – a spot where you can carry on with the life of desert migrants, stroll in the strides of Moses, scramble over the remains of antiquated civilizations, skim in the Dead Sea and snorkel off a vessel in the Red Sea. Simply ensure all of you watch Lawrence of Arabia, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and The Martian before you arrive to have Jordan family holidays.

However captivating though it is to see destinations referenced in the Bible like the creek where the baptism of Jesus happened, the stronghold where Herod decapitated John the Baptist, it is not all about the past in Jordan. Amman the capital is an advanced, assorted city with bounty going on, while the desert offers an abundant open door for adrenaline-fuelled experiences. What’s more, Jordanians are the absolute friendliest individuals you would ever want to run over.

Activities with children in Jordan

Explore PETRA

Horse riding experience in Wadi Rum, Jordan


Petra is at the highest point of the vast majority’s rundowns when arranging an outing to Jordan. Thus, it ought to be, yet there is a great deal more to Jordan than just Petra. Referred to likewise as “The Lost City,” Petra went back to the third century BC and was home to some somewhere in the range of 20,000 Nabataeans at its pinnacle. This old city is loaded up with perplexing veneers cut into the pink-shaded stone. Petra is an extraordinary spot to explore with children, as it resembles one goliath play area. Be careful anyway that Petra is a gigantic site and there is loads of strolling for little legs!

Try not to miss the marvel that is Petra, a city cut out of the stones by the Nabataeans in the sixth century. There is a ton of strolling and a ton of steps, yet camel, pony and donkey rides can save money on the legwork as you respect the remnants and there are knickknack stalls and lunch nooks to stop off in transit.

Visit Jerash


Go through a day in the superbly protected Roman city of Jerash – in the high season its hippodrome has fighter shows and chariot rides at 45 minutes in length, they’re only the correct length for youthful observers.


Wadi Rum, otherwise called the “Valley of the Moon” is a desert territory in the south of Jordan. Having been occupied since Neolithic occasions, it owes its acclaim to T E Lawrence who expounded broadly on his experiences here during the Arab Revolt in the mid-twentieth century. Bedouin live all through Wadi Rum and are authorized to bring guests into the desert for night stay.

Adventure into the supernatural desert and mountain scene of Wadi Rum, where TE Lawrence was once based. Just as camping outdoors overnight, you can explore the dunescape by 4WD, see old Petroglyphs, ride camels and have a go at sandboarding.

Float on the Dead Sea

View of Aqaba


Experience the unusual quality of gliding on the water during a night stay at the Dead Sea; however, take a jug of water to toss over children on the off chance that they get any in the eyes. There are a lot of hotel resorts and shorelines here, in addition to a water park.

As the absolute bottom on earth and the second saltiest waterway on the planet, Lake Assal in Djibouti being the primary gliding in the Dead Sea simply is a must. The salt fixation inside the Dead Sea is 34% so that nothing can live, consequently its name. Because of the high salt presence, you can float. It is practically difficult to swim as your arms and legs spring up to the surface! Skimming in the Dead Sea is extremely fun with children, especially on the off chance that they are somewhat more established. The high salt substance implies that cuts and touches truly sting and any water getting in your eyes or mouth is awkward as well.

It is super fun for any youngster… and the grown-up is to have a mud bath here. The mud at the Dead Sea is loaded with supplements and recuperating properties, so you spread yourself in mud for your own one of a kind spa treatment. Pots of mud are given on the hotel shorelines all around the Dead Sea. You spread yourself generously in mud, permit to solidify in the sun for 15-20 minutes, and afterward wash off in a freshwater shower or back in the ocean.


Enjoy the amazing landscape


Climb in the midst of a portion of Jordan’s staggering landscape, picking a trail to suit your family’s capacities, and bringing water, sunscreen, and caps, and additional apparel as the temperature drops drastically as the sun goes down. Nature reserves incredible for climbing including Aljoun and Dana; the last is the beginning stage for a six-hour climb to the magnificently remote Feynan Ecolodge. In the Mujib Nature Reserve, Canyoning and climbing are ending up popular.

Enjoy at Aqaba

Horseback riding adventure in Jordan


Spend a wonderful couple of days in the flourishing city of Aqaba with its innovative resorts, marinas and water parks, and the opportunity to attempt windsurfing, waterskiing and so forth in the Red Sea. You can likewise visit the city in a steed and carriage or lease a bicycle, before chasing out gifts in the stalls or unwinding in a pavement bistro.

Find modernism at Amman

Discover the capital Amman, an altogether present-day Arab city with many activities to and see, shopping centers to overdo it and remain cool in, and green space to go around in. The King Hussein National Park offers simple diversions including a play area, and you can tick off historical centers in a similar excursion – this where local people go for natural air and a meander around King Hussein’s Automobile Museum to yearn for his numerous vehicles! There is likewise the Children’s Museum with hands-on exercises and a planetarium, the Archeological Museum, and Jordan’s Museum of Popular Traditions, loaded down with conventional Jordanian ensembles. After touring, chill off at the Water Park, a desert oasis of slides and palm trees, or watch people on Al-Wakalat Street, where nearby families sit at open-air bistros to watch the world pass by. In conclusion, head for Amman’s Citadel to visit the city’s vestiges, including the amazing Roman Theater.

Taste Traditional Foods

Local sustenance is scrumptious – your children maybe by now loving Houmous, yet the Jordanians will demonstrate to them the preparation of the dish. Sheep and chicken are likewise famous, with garlic and mint the most widely recognized seasonings. You will likewise run over Sharwma and the scrumptious national dish Mansaf-sheep cooked in yogurt sauce and served on rice with almonds and pine kernels. Book a cookery exercise at Petra Kitchen in Wadi Musa and you can even recreate a portion of your incredible culinary encounters at home.

The nearness of heaps of rice and delicious new bread implies you should not battle a lot on a family vacation, even with particular eaters. Falafels are an extraordinary and nutritious nibble accessible all over.

Fruits and fruit drinks are likewise promptly accessible, and local people drink apparently unlimited cups of mint tea and varieties additionally including sage or cardamom. Liquor is not accessible all over the place, however, bigger hotels all have bars. Try not to drink the faucet water.

At The Point When to Go To Jordan

For a little nation, Jordan has an exceptional scope of atmospheres, incorporating snow in certain territories in winter. Normal daytime most extreme temperatures in Amman go from 12.6°C in January to 32.5°C in August. The best occasions to plan family adventure holidays in Jordan are spring from March to May and fall from September to November when daytime temperatures are not excessively extraordinary. April is most likely the greatest month of all, with warm temperatures and wildflowers in blossom.

Winter can be shockingly cold and the deserts can be frigid, particularly around evening time, so on the off chance that you do come as of now, bring many comfortable garments and a windproof and waterproof coat.
The long stretch of Ramadan is when guests ought not to eat, drink or smoke in broad daylight during the day so it is a precarious time to visit, particularly with kids.


Jordan is likely a less expensive alternative for family occasions than you envision, with flights beginning at a cost, which is quite affordable relying upon the season and a not too bad full supper accessible for a cost-effective price.

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