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Historical site in Jordan

The archaeological site of Petra, known as the Rose Red City, is an extraordinary place to visit. Several different tours can take you through this fantastic discovery. You can choose a time with a small or large group depending on your travel preferences. When you choose a tour with a large group, you can join a convoy or travel privately through Jordan and Petra. The advantage of joining one of these tours is that they provide transportation to and from Jordan. These tours also offer many additional services to make your trip easier, such as hotel reservations upon arrival in Jordan, airport transfers, lunch at Petra and hiking up Wadi Musa Canyon for breathtaking views of Petra. There are also several different types of accommodations available for your trip: from cheap hostels to five-star hotels, depending on your budget.

Many companies offer Petra tours, including Go Jordan Travel and Tourism, which provide private tours and group tours with guides who have extensive knowledge of Petra’s history and culture. They also offer hotel pickup and drop-off services for groups or individuals who want to visit this fantastic place.

Go Jordan Travel and Tourism have been offering Petra tours since 1992, so they have lots of experience with tourists worldwide. They have worked hard to earn a reputation for providing excellent service at reasonable prices, and they guarantee that you will not be disappointed with their services!

Our tour packages include:

Private Tour: We will provide you with a guide and transportation for your tour. You will get a private guide and vehicle, usually 4WD, suitable for all weather conditions. The driver will wait for your group at the entrance of Petra and take you wherever you want to go in Petra. The price includes entrance fees and lunch at Siq’s Rest House.

Small-Group Tour: This tour is perfect for families or small groups who want to discover Petra with other people from different nationalities or cultures. You will be accompanied by our local guide who will explain everything about Petra, local traditions and customs. You can also request private transportation for this tour if you prefer not to share your trip with others.

Extensive Group Tour: This tour is suitable for groups who want to travel together but still want privacy during their visit to Petra City. The price includes private transportation from Amman or Aqaba hotels and back and entrance fees.

Explore Petra in Jordan with Go Jordan Travel and Tourism, the best Petra Tour operator in Petra. With our tours, you will enjoy amazing views and experiences, visit essential destinations in Petra, get free time to explore at leisure and visit historical Nabatean City. Visit us now!

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