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The historical backdrop of the Ancient city of Petra goes back to 300 BC. It was the capital of a Nabataean Kingdom and it was established gratitude to the exchange between Asia and Europe. In those days, it was an incredible exchanging center with unlimited caravans going by the city.

The city was overlooked for a considerable length of time just to be rediscovered in 1812. Being “lost” for such, a long time is the principle motivation behind the incredible preservation of Petra.

Petra in Jordan is the most visited sight in the nation! Nothing unexpected why – the spot got immensely mainstream after the “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” film and the way that it was picked as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World alongside Chichen Itza in Mexico, Christ the Redeemer and other cool sights!

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Subsequent to entering with us during our Petra tours, you will stroll for around 1 km in a restricted ravine called the Al Siq to arrive at Al Khazneh, the Treasury. The alley is not detectable regardless of whether you stand near it and tectonic forces have made it possible for splitting the mountain into two.

On your way to the Treasury, appreciate the stunning hues and rock development. You will see various rocks cut thumbs, pillars, intriguing watercourse framework, and carvings on pink sandstone bluffs, colonnaded roads and more such ponder. Rose City is the other name of Petra because of the pink shade of the stone of the bluffs.

It is heard that before you could really go inside the Treasury, however as there are such a large number of travelers now and they debase within the spot, you are just permitted to look from outside.

Here are a few hints and viable data about Petra:


Awesome photography spot of Petra Treasury

When you finally arrive at the site during the Petra tours in Jordan, you will likewise observe that you are by all account not the only one conceding the New Seven Wonder of the World, there will presumably be numerous different sightseers there.

Would you like to take a stunning picture with an incredible view and no sightseers on it?

Here is the tip: As you face the Treasury take a look at your right, there is a little cliff, which you can climb. The vacationers are not noticeable from that point, yet the Treasury is!

Petra by night

Petra by night will really surpass all your imaginations. It is wise to have such a visit with us at Go Jordan Travel and Tourism. We organize the best Petra tours taking care of every aspect of your travel needs.

From the outset, you may think whether it bodes well to return to see it by night, yet when you do; you will have a sublime encounter! Petra by night and Petra by day are two completely different encounters trust me.

The Bedouins singing their melodies, more than 3500 candles lit up and down the way – it will be such an otherworldly environment, that you won’t ever forget!

Petra by night begins at 20:30 and keeps going 2 hours. For these two hours, you will be transported to a different world and the experience cannot be compared to any other that you can have elsewhere.

Petra Climate


Throughout the summer, June to August Petra can arrive at some extraordinary temperatures of 36 degrees C and trust me, you DON’T have any desire to stroll there in the desert during that climate.

Walk to May and September to November is the best time to visit. During this period, the climate is somehow comfortable and you will not have to bear the intense heat while visiting Petra.

Petra visits from Amman

On the off chance that you wish to visit Petra in an outing from Amman, the capital of Jordan, you have two choices:

• Amman to Petra via vehicle – Hire a vehicle in Amman and drive yourself. The street quality is entirely great as they as of late fabricated another street. The drive from Amman downtown area to Petra passageway should take you around three and a half hours.

• Be part of Petra tours from Amman that we organize. We will take care of all the aspects and you will have a comfortable and safe journey to Petra. You do not have to bother about anything but enjoy the trip. Another thing that you need to keep in mind while you are with us is that we arrange the tours according to your budget plan. So, you will not have a hole in your pocket after visiting Petra with us.

Petra hotels


Are you searching for a hotel in Petra? You should, at any rate on the off chance that you need to see Petra by night!

Remain in Wadi Mousa, a town adjacent to the lost city of Petra. You can discover everything from one star to 5-star hotels for any spending limit there!

You can stay at Movenpick Resort Petra – it is a very stunning hotel with an area truly before the Petra entrance. It is the nearest resort to the Ancient City; you could see the passageway from your window!

You will cherish the oriental embellishment of your room, which is roomy and luxurious. They have breathtaking feasting choices too.

Really awful, you will not get the opportunity to invest much energy to spend inside. Who remains in the room when you have Petra directly before you?

Here are some different choices to remain close Petra, all centrally located and with best reviews.

Luxury: Mövenpick Resort Petra is the best one out there its unblemished rooms, extraordinary administration and stunning housetop will leave you astounded. It is absolutely worth its cash! Tetra Tree Hotel is a 5 minutes drive from Petra entrance; it highlights extensive present-day style rooms and indoor and open-air pools!

Middle: Marriott Petra Hotel is another extraordinary five-star hotel with a remarkable view that does not use up every cent, remember nonetheless, that it is 2.3 km away from Petra. Petra Palace Hotel has two or three pools, warm embellishment of rooms, vicinity to Petra entrance – all these make the hotel worth considering.

Budget: Peace Way Hotel is an extraordinary alternative for spending voyagers, it is near Petra entrance, the staff is friendly and it has remarkable reviews! Hotel Cleopatra is, in the focal point of Wadi Musa. The rooms are simple, yet they are spotless and they have a private restroom. They offer an extraordinary incentive for cash!

Different activities and to see in Petra


The Monastery is the spot cut into a hurl of the mountain. It is a way less touristy spot inside Petra. However, you have to walk more to arrive at it and so you need to have time.

It is around 2 hours stroll from the Visitor Center to the Monastery; you can likewise take a donkey; however, remember you additionally need to climb up for 850 stages to arrive at it! Nevertheless, with fewer groups over yonder, it merits the exertion! There is a little bistro on top where you can get a few refreshments, as well.

Cooking class

Together with your companion, you additionally can take a cooking class, which is educative and engaging simultaneously. If you have an entire day to spend in Petra, you must try to be part of the cooking class.

You can take the cooking exercise between your visit of Petra by Day and Petra by Night. It is helpful as you can have for supper what you cook during the exercise.

Petra Moon Hotel

You can likewise get a printed recipe of all that you cook, so on the off chance that you ever have your very own kitchen; you will almost certainly treat your companions with some Baba Ganush.

Donkey ride

As a choice, you can take a donkey ride back to the passageway of Petra. It is just plain obvious; the thing is, it is a significant long stroll from the passageway to the Treasury and in the event that you need to return with an alternate street and perhaps have an alternate encounter, the donkey ride is a choice.

Petra turned into a New Wonder of the World in light of current circumstances; it is an entrancing spot that we figure everyone should visit when in Jordan!

Truly, obviously, it is touristy and in my taste, it is not very overrated. The history and the remaining parts of the Lost City are amazing the spot is essentially spectacular!

I trust these tips will assist you with saving some cash on the passage of this World Heritage Site and that every one of those vendors will not ruin your impression of the Ancient city!

As my last tip, attempt to go as promptly toward the beginning of the day as could reasonably be expected, along these lines you will maintain a strategic distance from a large portion of the visitor swarms. Incidentally, it is also that the souvenirs are less expensive inside Petra contrasting with the market close to the Visitor Center.

So, do get in touch with us and have the best Jordan and Petra tours to have an amazing and fun-filled vacation.

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