Petra Tours -An Exhilarating Way To Explore The Rose City

Scenic view of Wadi Rum

Jordan has a remarkable ability to entice travelers from every part of the world! Especially the Nabataean city, Petra, is a pink-hued necropolis and one of the most treasured UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Are you planning a getaway to Jordan with your family or friends or even solo? Then you will definitely be spoiled if you select the Petra tour as a part of your travel itinerary. We are Jordan based tour operators who welcome tourists with warm hearts. We assure you that you will have a great stay in the city.

With its wide range of recreational opportunities, this tiny city has the power to astound everyone. In addition to the city’s prominent attractions, Petra offers a variety of other activities. You can opt for one or more things to do while on your Petra tour. Let’s take a look at a few activities to do on your Petra tour.


The foremost thing to do on your Petra tour explores the ancient ruins. Visiting some top tourist spots will take you back to the 3rd century. It includes narrow walkways of Siq, Ad Deir monastery, Al-Khazneh Temple, Royal Tombs, Tomb of Aaron, Obelisk Tomb, and Little Petra. The amazingly created architecture and Petra’s narrow gorge will leave you in awe. It will make you wonder when you look under a rock all this while. So, if you plan a Petra tour, never forget to visit these top places in Petra.

Traverse Through The Hiking Trails

Are you wondering what to do on your Petra tour? Well, there are countless hiking trails for you to explore! It may be from an easy trail to too tricky. You can opt for the one based on your physical capability. Petra is a city to be discovered, not just lounged around in.  Get prepared to hike on the Main Trail, Wadi Farasa Trail, High Place of Sacrifice Trail, Monastery Trail, and Treasury Viewpoint Trail, among others.. Keep some snacks, almonds, and water on hand to keep hydrated and fresh. Do not forget to pack your camera because you will find a splendid ambiance that you may not see anywhere!

Camel & Horse Ride 

A trip to Petra wouldn’t be complete without a camel or horseback ride. Decide for a camel or horse ride instead of hiking when you’re exhausted! The journey is enjoyable, but the real highlight is getting to know the friendly, approachable Bedouins. Meet the natives and explore the tribes to discover their histories. Learn about Petra’s stories you would not have heard from anyone else. You’ll be surprised to learn that some of our tour guides are multilingual and fluent speakers. A horse ride through Petra is a must if you have a spirit of adventure and are seeking an exciting pastime. Don’t forget to ride the decorated camels or horses and take pictures with them. It might be an enjoyable thing to do in Petra.

Marvel At The Sunset View

Get ready to climb 800 stairs and witness the incredible view of sunset in Petra. The second-most famed monument of Petra, Al-Deir. We take you there to marvel at the beauty of changing hues of the sky. Visiting the monument in the evening lets you witness one of the most beautiful sunsets on Earth. Get mesmerized to see how the color turns with the last rays of the sun.


At Go Jordan Travel & Tourism, we provide quality holiday experiences to visitors to Jordan. We offer exceptional holiday packages based on our client’s needs & budgets. Petra tour is one of our offers that most customers worldwide appreciate. To learn more about our Petra tour itinerary, please get in touch with us today!

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