Five Places to Visit in Amman with Your Family

Families who visit Amman for a vacation often find it to be an ideal location for a short break. While the city has many attractions that are very popular with tourists, its quieter areas have retained their local charm and the friendliness of Amman’s people is legendary. Additionally, there are a number of cultural sights in the area that are worth exploring.

Jordan is one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East. This country is home to many natural wonders and historical sites.

If you are planning a trip to Jordan with your family, here are five places where you can visit during your stay:

  • Amman Citadel
  • Ajloun Castle
  • Wadi Rum Desert and Mountains
  • Dead Sea and the surrounding area
  • Petra

The Citadel of Amman: This is one of the most popular attractions in Amman and it is also free to enter! The Citadel was built by the Umayyad Caliph Al-Walid I (705-715 AD). It was later expanded by successive rulers until it reached its present form in 1892 under Abdullah I ibn al-Hussein. The Citidel consists of several different buildings including mosques, madrassahs, palaces, gates and towers which all date back to different times in history but were all brought together under one roof during Ottoman rule in order to serve as a palace complex for the ruling family.

Ajloun Castle: Ajloun Castle is one of the most important historical sites in Jordan. Situated on a hilltop surrounded by beautiful gardens, it overlooks the Yarmouk River to the west and has views over the Burqa plateau to the east. The castle was built by the Ayyubid ruler Al-Aziz Uthman (1192 – 1227) and served as an impressive reminder of his great power. It was frequented by many European kings and princes in September 1178 after his recovery from a serious illness. The castle consists of two enclosures: an outer enclosure with solid walls and round towers, and an inner enclosure with rooms, open courtyards and covered halls. It features a mosque, a well-preserved underground water reservoir and many decorative elements such as marble paving, ornaments scattered around its massive battlements and western gateway.

Wadi Rum Desert and Mountains: Wadi Rum is a desert in southern Jordan, near the borders with both Israel and Saudi Arabia. The landscape is rugged and rocky, with sand dunes covering much of the area. The desert is known for its beautiful scenery and has been used as a filming location for many movies and TV shows.

Dead Sea and the surrounding area: The Dead Sea is a salt lake bordered by Jordan to the east and the West Bank and Israel to the west. The Dead Sea, fed by the Jordan River, is 415 meters (1,362 feet) below sea level, making it Earth’s lowest elevation on land. The Dead Sea has an area of 371 km2 (143 sq mi), and a maximum depth of 1,448 m (4,824 ft).

Petra: Situated about 200km south-east of Amman, Petra is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Jordan. It was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO as it contains rock-hewn buildings that have been carved into sandstone cliffs and ravines by nomadic communities over 2,000 years ago.  The site also includes rock-cut temples dedicated to Nabatean deities Obodas I and II, Al-Deir (“the monastery”), Qasr al-Bint (“castle of the virgin”) and more than 500 tombs.

Amman is an all-around fun city for visitors, but it might not be at the top of everyone’s list. In this guide, I’ve listed five places that you can visit with your family on a holiday trip to Amman. Whether you’re on vacation or visiting family, there are plenty of fun things to see and do at each of these landmarks while in Amman.


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Petra tours and Petra travel packages are the best way to explore Jordan’s most famous attraction. We offer a wide range of Petra tour options, from half-day tours to full-day tours that include a visit to Rose City and more. Petra is an ancient city carved into the rock face of a mountain. It was once the capital of the Nabataeans, a civilization that flourished in this region from about 312 BC until AD 106 when Rome conquered it.

Petra tours are an excellent way to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site as it combines adventure with history and culture. The best way to see Petra’s excellent sites is on horseback or camelback — both of which can be arranged through your tour operator.

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How about a visit to the rose city, ‘Petra’? Petra is a famous destination worldwide, it is mainly known for its rock-cut architecture & water conduit system.

Petra is one of the famous archeological sites. The city is considered to be a lost city. Moreover, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is surrounded by mountains. So, if you are planning to have a visit then we assure you would love this ancient city a lot. The city was built by Nabateans. It is half built and half carved in stone. Furthermore, the name of the city, ‘Petra’ means rock.

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Every year every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Petra by Night offers tourists a chance to explore Al Khazneh lit by candles. In this, the ones participating, follow the candlelit pathway through Siq, and at the end of the journey, tea is offered. You can purchase tickets from the hotel reception or from the entrance gate.

Then comes Petra Kitchen Jordan which is an interesting pastime. Here, in this, you can attend a cooking class at Petra kitchen. Local Jordanian women and a professional chef will guide in learning how to cook Arabian food. You can enjoy food after cooking.

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There is nothing like the Dead Sea in Jordan in the world. The Dead Sea is more than a thousand years old and has been associated with mythical legends since biblical times. It is renowned for its unique composition, density and salt content, therapeutic effects and the mud found at its shores.

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth, about 405 meters below sea level. The Dead Sea is also the saltiest body of water in the world, with over 30% salinity. This is why people feel buoyant when they float in it, due to its density.

The Dead Sea is famous for its therapeutic properties and unique mineral composition. In addition, the mud from the Dead Sea is the most sought-after cosmetic ingredient in the world.

The Dead Sea has been an attractive vacation destination for thousands of years. Archaeological evidence shows that people have been visiting this area since prehistoric times.

Today, visitors come from around the world for its therapeutic qualities and adventure activities like floating in the water or windsurfing on its salty surface. Its medicinal properties are thanks to its mineral content, including magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium chloride(salt). The minerals help with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rheumatism and arthritis.

The Dead Sea has a rich history dating back to Biblical times, when King David hid from Saul in caves near the Dead Sea. Today, there are many attractions along the banks of this unique body of water including hotels, spas, beaches, museums and other attractions.

Visitors can take advantage of many options when planning their trip to Jordan, including day trips from Amman or overnight stays in hotels located near the Dead Sea or in other parts of Jordan such as Petra or Wadi Rum. There are also several tour operators that offer packages that include transportation from Amman, accommodations (including hotels), meals and activities at the Dead Sea area itself.

Consider an adventure tour if you’re seeking a much-needed break from work vacation. Touring the Dead Sea is one of the most cost-effective vacations being offered.

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