Top Sights & Attractions To Discover On A Cruise Trip In Aqaba

Aqaba ancient port city bustles with trade traffic and undeniable energy, connecting Jordan with other parts of the world While boarding on a cruise, you’ll find historic and cultural activities around every corner. We help you make your exploration of these historical sites and ancient ruins comfortable. On your Aqaba cruise, you’ll discover a wonderfully warm-natured city where tradition and modern life coexist with the natural marvels of this region of Jordan.

Well-planned cruise ship in Aqaba takes you to the ancient ruins of Petra, an archaeological icon of pink stone that has long been Jordan’s most famous site. Don’t miss Wadi Rum, a famously protected desert where dunes, mountains, and nature collide. Explore the breathtaking location where Lawrence of Arabia is alleged to have traveled through in the early 20th century.

Our local English-speaking guide will lead your small group on an extraordinary adventure exploring Aqaba. Our amazing cruise ship trip in Aqaba for 2024 features cruises, archaeological site visits, small ship cruises, luxury, and beaches. It may start from a five-day trip to 11 days or more. Most of the cruise ship trips in Aqaba can be customized to meet your precise travel needs. Contact one of our travel specialists right away. We will plan your next trip and try to make it as seamless as possible.


Perhaps you’ve never heard of Petra’s historic ruins before. Yet, you would undoubtedly recognize them right away. Petra, which has appeared in numerous film series and is distinguished by its rose-colored stone, was first inhabited by people about 10,000 years ago. You’ll never forget this UNESCO World Heritage site during your time in Aqaba.

Dead Sea

Have you ever wish to float on water effortlessly? You can float in the waters of the Dead Sea, as it has one of the saltiest bodies of water in the entire world. You’ll need to plan a day around this, however, since the mouth of the Dead Sea is a three-hour drive from Aqaba.

Wadi Rum

Arguably, Wadi Rum (also called the “Valley of the Moon,”) is the most famous site in Jordan. During a half-day adventure, ride camels into the desert wilderness to view the chasms and mountain ranges. Discover Bedouin culture while taking part in an afternoon tea ceremony.

Aqaba Aquarium

Abundant fish species are found in aquarium attached to the Aqaba Marine Science Station in Jordan and at the Red Sea. It must be a part of your trip and is must see element for anyone who loves animals and the ocean. When you swim or snorkel in the region, you’ll learn what to look out for in terms of fauna and learn about the coral system of Aqaba. The aquarium provide great activities & offer an informative afternoon in Aqaba.

Snorkel and Scuba in the Red Sea

Snorkeling in the Red Aquatic is an important experience on a trip to Aqaba, Jordan, where beautiful reefs and abundant sea life surprisingly flourish in salty waters. Many of the species here can’t be found in any other body of water in the world. This is a visual feast for divers, with cargo ships, tanks, and wrecks standing out against the vibrant coral.

See the Ruins of Ayla

Close your eyes and visualize what ancient Aqaba looked like thousands of years ago. These ruins were once the site of Aqaba’s central, ancient port. A small detour on the way to other locations in downtown Aqaba, let you have the opportunity to see the glimpse into the past.

Explore Aqaba Fort

Every corner in Aqaba tells a tale. The glimpse of Jordan’s history may be seen in the Aqaba Fort. It is a simple fortress that gives a nice view of the sea. Today you can see the ruins of the Aqaba Fort and learn more about the history of this region. History buffs on one of our cruises to Jordan shouldn’t miss out on the informative tour the ruins.

Discover the Oldest Church in the World

There is a location close to the Ayla ruins that experts believe to be the oldest Christian church in the world. It was constructed in the third century. While you’re touring the other ruins, this church is a must for history buffs and those interested in early Christian artifacts.

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