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In recent years, Jordan’s health- and beauty-spa industry has grown significantly. As many people are adopting healthier lifestyles, Jordan has become an increasingly popular destination for health- and beauty-spa vacations. With this in mind, the country has added first-class resorts offering a diverse range of amenities to its list of natural therapeutic sites. The goal is to provide visitors with a relaxing experience that caters to all their health, fitness and beauty needs.

Jordan’s natural wonders, world-class spas and its rich cultural heritage make it an up-and-coming destination for spa vacations. The hiking trails, meditation events and amazing culinary delights here are just a few of the reasons why this 10-day tour of Jordan is sure to be good for you!

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Health & Wellbeing Tour

Relax at a Dead Sea 5* Resort for 2 days, indulging in a wellness spa treatment and enjoying the unique experience of floating in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. Then travel to the seaside resort of Aqaba for 3 days of laying the sun, snorkeling, scuba diving or a wide variety of other water sports available.


Revitalization Tour

All you need is 3 days to revive your body and mind. Spend a day at an internationally renowned Spa Centre and a day at the Dead Sea enjoying wellness treatments.

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