Hammamat Ma’in

Hammamat Ma'in

Hammamat Ma’in mineral springs and waterfall are located 35 kms south west of Madaba on the edge of Wadi Mujib, 264 metres below sea level. The mineral-rich waters come from over 100 hot and cold springs and empty into the Dead Sea. Heated underground by lava fissures the thermal water temperature can reach as high as 63oC as it bubbles out of the ground and cascades down the mountain in a series of waterfalls. Favoured by King Herod in biblical times for its therapeutical effects, Hammamat Ma’in continues to attract large numbers of people seeking treatment for aid blood circulation, skin diseases and rheumatism.

Evason have built a 5 Star Clinic on site providing a fully equipped gym, deep sea therapies and Asian treatments at the Six Senses Spa, however day visitors to Hammamat Ma’in may access the public bathing areas.

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